CAN’T: cannot; unable to accomplish something


Hanging on the door of my physical therapy setting is a sign that says can’t. But like this illustration, there’s a cancel line drawn through it.   The message is clear. The message is clear.   The word can’t is not only discouraged at LePre Physical Therapy…it is forbidden.  It is so easy when directed to undertake […]

CALF: the fleshy back portion of the lower leg between the knee and the ankle


No, I’m not talking about children of cows.   I’m referring to anatomy of a human being. I was at the physical therapist’s clinic* and expressed that I could feel the pull in my calf. Then, it occurred to me that it was a strange thing to talk about a part of my body which has […]

ATROPHY [A-truh-fee]: wasting away as a result of disuse


In matters related to the human body, I am intrigued by the concept of atrophy.  It is the phenomenon which occurs when a specific part of the body is not used over a period of time.  The result is that the body part shrivels up and eventually can literally die.  It is a term which […]

KINESIOLOGY [ki-nee-see-OL-uh-jee]: the study of the way in which one’s body structure determines movement

With all the visibility of the XXX Olympics it is hard to let an evening go by without thinking about the unbelievable capabilities of the human body.   Watching the athletes bend, stretch, reach, and twist in incredible feats of athleticism, one can only marvel at the creation of the body. None of this would be […]