INSTANT GRATIFICATION: the need for immediate pleasure

instant gratification

Maybe you have heard of this one already:  “The Marshmallow Study.”  It refers to the social dynamics study done 40 years ago in which a small child is put into a study room.  On the table in front of the child is one marshmallow.   The child is told that she can have the one marshmallow…or…if […]

FUN: enjoyable, pleasurable


It should not be mysterious.  The word fun is well known and there is probably nobody reading this posting who has to ask themselves, “what does fun mean?”   It may well be one of the first words we learn as a child, mainly because that is what children do for a living.  They have fun…or […]

HEDONISM: the belief and practice of making pleasure the greatest good

Of all the heavy eaters in history, certainly Henry VIII, King of England, is regarded as the most flagrant.   If there is anyone who demonstrated the principle of Hedonism, it was he. His banquets … or even his daily meals … were sumptuous, making those at The Outback look tiny by comparison.   It is said […]