MILITANT IGNORANCE: the desire on the part of individuals to wallow in false beliefs despite their knowledge of the truth

It frustrates the heck out of me when I hear people say something they know is false, but which they have embraced for the purpose of winning points.   You hear it all the time in political rallies. the Presidents is not a natural-born American the soaring  gas prices are the fault of the President Mitt […]

DISINGENUOUS: lacking in candor, giving a false impression of integrity

To characterize someone as disingenuous is more than to call them a liar.  A disingenuous person is capable of leading you to believe that they are in synch with you, or support you.  However, the truth is that they secretly disregard you and oppose you.   The pain of discovering someone to be disingenuous is to […]

APLOMB: self-assured, appearing competent

“Doing something with aplomb“ is a phrase used frequently to indicate that someone has an appearance of great self-confidence.   That which (she) says or does is recognized as being competent and successful. Aplomb is a word received from 19th century French which actually relates to the word plummet.  How strange is that?  It sounds like […]