GOBBLEDYGOOK [GOB-uhl-dee-gook] : language characterized by double talk and an overabundance of jargon

It is clearly one of the most frustrating things that can confront someone.   The clerk, salesperson, company representative, or politician is asked to explain the product or the topic at hand.  The answer is completely unintelligible.   It is filled with all kinds of words that don’t amount to a hill of beans.  They are jargon […]

REPRISE: to repeat

To reprise something is to repeat it.   As in the case of a serial murderer, who earns that title only by repeating (his) crime.   Or a dancer who reprises a step or action during a routine.  Then again, there is the friend who reprises a story ad infinitum. In a political campaign a candidate is […]

REMONSTRATE: [ri-MON-streyt]: to point out forcefully, bawl out

Nobody enjoys being “called down” on something they did or said.  It’s one of those times when you want to crawl into your skin and slink out of sight rather than facing a forceful chastising.  It’s humiliating, especially when the person doing the bawling out is correct. Such a “calling down” is known as remonstrating.  […]