MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: one who “coaches” a completed experience when it is safe… after it’s over

It’s always easier to prognosticate and speculate when you have the facts.  That’s true particularly when the event under scrutiny has already taken place. A Monday morning quarterback is one who tries to sound profound, but only comments after the event is over and the results are known.   It’s easy to say, “I think New […]

MEME: a reminder of a previous post

A number of weeks ago I published a blog posting featuring the word meme.  At the time I took a pretty academic approach to the word, not expecting it to crop up as dramatically as it has this morning. In numerous accounts of the presidential debate which was held last night in New York, the […]

MODERATE (v.) [MOD-uh-reyt] : to preside over

There is a massive conversation in this nation about tonight’s debate between President Obama and former Governor Romney.    Every aspect of the event has been speculated about, including who stands where and what the candidates are to call each other. There is also conversation about the moderator, Jim Lehrer.   He is a respected newsman […]