CONFLAGRATION: a destructive fire


Yesterday a massive fire occurred in Providence involving several three-story apartment buildings housing Providence College students.  Thankfully, no students were injured, but more than a dozen firefighters were transported to hospitals with a variety of injuries and conditions.  One firefighter is fighting for his life, having breathed in dangerous chemicals resulting from the fire. It […]

FAN: a consistent supporter of a team, project, or person

Not every fan of NCAA sports goes as far as Greg Fishel, the Syracuse University football fan shown here.  He’s pretty over the top.  But you only have to attend a game at the Syracuse Dome to realize that there are a good number of fans who take  it pretty seriously and spend a lot […]

RUGBY: organized mayhem

We’ve just returned from a collegiate rugby match at Providence College, where a young cousin, John, puts his body in jeopardy as a member of the Providence College Rugby Club.   We saw some rugby in Australia and New Zealand, and I can remember being taught the game when I was a junior in High School.   […]