PRECIPITATION: that moisture that falls from the air to the ground


It’s almost a 100% chance that we will encounter some snow this week when we drive to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving.   We haven’t had any measurable snow in our part of Rhode Island yet this year, but our friends and relatives to the west of us have tasted Winter and are already sick of it.  And […]

ATHENAEUM [ath-uh-NEE-uhm]: an institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning


Many Greek and Latin words find their way into the American English lexicon.   Among them is the wonderful word athenaeum, also spelled atheneum.  In its Greek origin it means a temple in Athens, dedicated to the goddess Athena, and a place where scholars and poets gathered. ( In today’s world there isn’t a lot of […]

MARCH: the third month of the year; the end of winter; the beginning of early spring


This morning I pulled the pin from the wall, flipped the calendar page from February to March, and settled back into my chair to celebrate the beginning of “early spring” in Providence.   Last Sunday we stopped outside the entrance to our parish church where there had been two feet of snow just two weeks ago.  […]

MEMORIAL: an object to reflect the memory of someone, such as a plaque or tombstone

memorial photo

Every day I go through an intersection at the corner of Smith Street and Oakland Street in Providence.  It is just an ordinary intersection joining two streets in the Smith Hill section of the city, just up the hill from the State House.  It is a mixed use neighborhood with multi-family homes, offices, and a […]

WELL, HERE IT IS, POSTING NUMBER 1,000. Remember that if you comment on this posting, your name will be put into a hat and one name will be selected to win a Starbucks gift card!

______________________________________________________________________   Clearing the Air   In reading over the past 999 posts it occurs to me that I have skirted the issue on some posts, trying not to upset people I know would disagree with me.   It’s been convenient to use euphemisms from time to time to avoid outright disagreement with people.   Reading over […]

SOUPÇON: [soop-SAWN]: a hint of something

I’m not really fond of garlic.   I know that living in Providence means that I’m now a target for some really serious body damage on a dark night.   This is the world’s capital for Italian food, featuring some of the best Italian restaurants in existence.   But, even though my life is now in danger, I […]