EXTEMPORANEOUS [ik-stem-puh-REY-nee-uh s]: done, spoken, performed, etc., without special advance preparation*


One of the episodes of my college freshman year course in Public Speaking that I really enjoyed was when the professor would ask (read: direct) one of us to come to the front of the class.   He would then give us a word upon which we were to take the next 5-10 minutes to expound […]

SEMI-COLON: A punctuation mark (;) used to join two independent clauses in a sentence.

The debate continues among scholars, editors and writers.  Is the semi-colon a useful tool or an overused, detracting usage? It seems that some in the literary field consider extensive use of semi-colons to be frivolous and unnecessary.  I suppose the word “extensive” is the key to the discussion.  I don’t think there’s anybody out there who […]