THE BEST: without competition at the same level

the best

I’m not fond of articles that declare someone to be “the best” in some field.   It always seems to me that it’s a very subjective thing to declare someone to be better than someone else.  Is it true for the person in all areas of life, or just in one capacity?    Who made the decision?  […]

PUBLISH: to issue for sale or distribution to the public.


It’s just a matter of timing, I suppose, but several of us in our writing group are ready to publish.  We have gone through the lengthy process of writing several drafts of our work,  editing it several times by several people, and workshopping it in the group.  Some of us have passed it by professional […]

PERNICIOUS [per-NISH-uhs]: ruinous; injurious; hurtful


There are few words that send chills up your spine just by being spoken.  But pernicious is one of those words. The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us that it is a word that dates back to  16th century Old French and even earlier in Latin which means death or murder.   Just knowing that is enough […]

SNAILPAPER: A newspaper delivered physically and so more slowly compared to online news; the print edition of a newspaper.


Several months ago my colleage blogger, Paul McFedries, who writes the blog, Word Spy,  offered the word snailpaper for our consideration.    He identified the word as a recent concoction to describe a newspaper that is delivered to someone’s home or place of business. It is easy to see that snailpaper is just a variation of […]

GREENLIGHT (the verb): to authorize or give permission to proceed


Today’s word, greenlight, was submitted by my good friend, Bill Thomas. Bill and I studied screenwriting together at Brown University a few years ago.   But, you may know of Bill from his career as a singer/songwriter.  He was responsible for writing much of the music that was featured on Captain Kangaroo,the children’s series that was […]