BULLY (v.): to use an unfair advantage to pressure a person into undesired compliance


The very idea that the Senate will not allow the President of the United States to name a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court is, to me, a form of bullying. The claim is that it is inappropriate to make such an appointment in a political year.  That’s a pile of crap.  It has […]

PERSONA NON GRATA: someone who is not welcome

It may be hard to believe that the talented Gloria Estefanwas declared an  “undesirable”  by a nation.   Her talent and beauty are sought after throughout the world. But the Cuban native was told by the government of Cuba that she was a persona non grata because of what they perceived to be political views that […]

ENDEMIC: natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous*

Endemic 3

It’s easy to confuse the two words endemic and epidemic. As you can see from the chart, epidemic refers to a sudden surge in the instances of a disease or situation, whereas endemic makes reference to an ongoing, chronic situation.   To be endemic means to be imbedded in the fabric of a culture. Usually we […]

BLATANT [BLEYT-nt]: tastelessly conspicuous


My personal definition for the word blatant would be: the opposite of subtle.   That’s the point of the word blatant.  It’s out there in front for everyone to see.  There is no sense of humility.   It is a means of being public.   It is a way of being at the center of things, where people […]

RACIST NAMES: NFL team name sparks controversy; American Indians demand change


The controversy which is raging over the use of the name “Redskins” by the Washington NFL team is reaching a new level of volume and negativity.     For over 80 years the team has clung to its name, but there have been a number of times in its history when the name was challenged.   Of late, […]

THE BUTLER: one insight into racism

the butler

We saw the movie, Lee Daniels, The Butler last night.  We had been watching the trailers for the past month or so, and had determined that this was one we didn’t want to miss.  I’m glad we didn’t miss it. From my perspective, this is not one of the best movies ever made.  There are […]