VORACIOUS: exceedingly eager or avid


We frequently hear that someone has a voracious appetite. Or, we may say that someone is a voracious reader. It’s quite clear that voracious means “over the top.”   Something which is voracious is huge, monstrous, or in excess.  There is no moderation to something which is voracious. The cartoon I have selected for this posting […]

DEFAULT [dih-FAWLT]: absence or lack of


Well, this is one that I went to because I was confused.   I was pretty sure I knew what it meant to default on a loan, a promise,or another form of obligation.   Default means that you just didn’t keep up your end of the bargain. We have heard the term used in government circles a […]

BOOKISH: spends more time reading than living life

I put a high premium on reading.   If a child gets nothing more out of first grade than the ability and desire to read it has been a successful year.  I’m awed by young families that come into the coffee shop, take their places around a table, the parent takes out the newspaper and the […]