SOUTHPAW: a left-handed pitcher in baseball


While watching John Lester pitch the Red Sox  to a victory over the Tampa Bay Rays I must have heard the term southpaw used a dozen times.   Everybody who follows baseball (or boxing)  knows what the term means.  It is a person who pitches with the left hand.   There was a time when I don’t […]



I’ve been accumulating some really, really significant thoughts over the past few days, and…rather than writing a blog about each of them (because they’re really NOT significant)…have accumulated them into this single post. I wonder why there’s such a flap  about horses being used to pull decorative wagons through Central Park.  It’s been a custom […]

POWERHOUSE: a person, group, team, or the like, having great energy, strength, or potential for success.


Powerhouse is a word that we hear most commonly in the arena of sports.  It’s no secret that this past year’s Red Sox baseball team was known as a powerhouse.  The Seattle Seahawks are now known as the powerhouse of the football world.   Right now the Syracuse Orange are the powerhouse team 0f the NCAA […]

CONTROVERSIAL: a matter about which there is strong disagreement


The World Series of baseball provides any number of opportunities to observe disputed decisions.   Monday-morning quarterbacks (that’s a mixed metaphor, being a football term) love to hash over and rehash coaching decisions with which they disagree. The Manager should/should not have removed a certain pitcher when he did. So-and-so was not a good choice as […]

HEAT WAVE: three successive days or more with temps above 90 degrees

heat wave

It’s really, really hot out there in New England (and across most of the nation.) The meteorologists keep reminding us that it takes 3 days in a row of temps above 90 degrees to qualify as a heat wave.   This is an elderly heat wave by those standards.  It has been a week of blistering […]

APROPOS [ap-ruh-POH]: fitting, appropropriate, related to


The word apropos has a special meaning.   It refers to something as being fitting (unlike the suit in the picture to the right!) and appropriate.  It is a 17th century French word meaning “to the purpose.”  That is to say, it identifies some object, thought, or image as being designed or articulated in a way […]