BULLY (v.): to use an unfair advantage to pressure a person into undesired compliance


The very idea that the Senate will not allow the President of the United States to name a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court is, to me, a form of bullying. The claim is that it is inappropriate to make such an appointment in a political year.  That’s a pile of crap.  It has […]

BASH: to criticize; to join in the destructive criticism of someone or something.


There are many meanings for the term bash, but the one I want to focus upon is the act of criticizing someone unmercifully.   It usually includes the idea that the bashing doesn’t necessarily include the truth.  The accusations being leveled toward someone or something are fabricated or exaggerations upon a menial infraction.   A friend […]

NUCLEAR OPTION: legislation in the U.S. Senate to return the required number of votes to a simple majority

nuclear option

Nuclear Option is a derogatory term employed by Republicans to describe the action taken in the U.S. Senate this week to remove the 60 vote requirement for affirmation of presidential nominees to lower court (Not Supreme Court) positions and other positions in the administration.    Republicans, who have enjoyed the filibuster capability and the requirement of a […]

VICTORY: that which is ascribed to a winner, not a loser


This morning is a morning of victory…for the American people.   The entire Congress (meaning both houses) and the President have signed the legislation to re-open the government and to issue a temporary relief in the debt ceiling debate.  It’s not ideal, but it’s a victory, nonetheless. It is not a victory for the President…yet.   The […]

ANTITHESIS [an-TITH-uh-sis]: the direct opposite


To begin with, a thesis is an idea or concept which is promoted as being the outcome of research.   To have a thesis about something means that you have come to a conclusion which you believe to be a fact.   In today’s world, for instance, the concept that global warming is occuring primarily because of […]

PREPOSTEROUS [pri-POS-ter-uhs]: absurd; senseless; utterly foolish


I wrote a blog posting recently in which I cautioned against the flippant use of superlatives.   I think it was good advice.   But every now and then there is an appropriate use of a superlative, and this may be one.  What I am going to write  about is not just bad, or even […]