THESIS, ANTITHESIS AND SYNTHESIS: three legs to the stool of good research and publication


There are three words to remember in reading this posting: Thesis Antithesis Synthesis They are related words, all of which speak to the relationship among ideas. A thesis is an original thought.  For instance, when a student, Mary Smith,  has completed a course of study it is required that the student write a thesis.  It […]

AMYGDALA [uh-MIG-duh-luh]: two almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the center of the brain


I know that my banner says that this blog will focus upon words used in common language.  And today is an exception.   I doubt very much if many of you (or any of you, for that part) use the word amygdala in regular conversations.   Unless, of course, you may happen to be a psychiatrist or […]

ALGORITHM [AL-guh-rith-uhm] : a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps

It helps to boil down the meaning of a technical word by using a common experience as an illustration. This is especially true when we are dealing with a word as complex as algorithm.  In its most complex situation, an algorithm is a formula used by scientists to replicate a highly-technical procedure.   Scientists, mathematicians, research […]

VERITABLE: [VER-i-tuh-buhl]: true

As one who holds a Yale University degree, the term lux et veritas is branded into my forehead.  Everywhere you turn on the New Haven campus the term screams out to you.  It is the motto of the university, calling the faculty and students to seek lux (light) and veritas (truth.)  In my memory, the […]

HYDROPONICS: growing plants without the use of soil

  Ecology and the whole realm of environmental science is expanding so fast that it is almost impossible for the human mind to keep up with it.  Every day there are announcements of new findings, new products, new methodologies in environmental issues.    I am fascinated with one new trend, that of hydroponics.  It is the […]

SAGACIOUS: having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense

There is a plethora of people to whom could be attributed the word sagacious. It is a word that encompasses not only the Steve Jobs’ of this world, but touches on those personalities who regularly appear in our media as having wisdom beyond the norm and the keen ability to translate that wisdom into practical […]