CULL: to remove flawed or unwanted items

In the past few days Republicans have been said to be about the process of  culling the ranks of prospective candidates for their nominee for President.   It may well describe the process of sorting out the field, but I doubt that cull is a good word to describe the process. Cull is a term used […]

HAMMER AND TONGS: to pound something with excessive effort

It was Andrea Mitchell who said it on TV the other day.  “Mitt Romney is going after Newt Gingrich with hammer and tongs.”   I knew immediately what she meant, and, I suspect, so did 99% of those watching the news show.   But it was the first time I remember stopping and asking myself, “What does […]

ZANY: archaic term?

When potential Republican candidate Mitt Romney indirectly referred to potential candidate Newt Gingrich as being zany many reporters laughed and said it was an archaic word.   Several have been quoted as saying that they haven’t heard the word used since the 70’s.  It turns out that the word was suggested by a college-age staff member, […]

STRAW POLL: an unofficial survey to determine preferences

With all the media focus on the event in Iowa today, it occurs to me that some may not know the meaning of  a straw poll. This is not an official, unbiased caucus or election.   Those are run under scrutiny by agencies which have oversight for legally-constituted elections.   There are rules, regulations and statutes which […]