FLATED: The state of an object either before being deflated or after being inflated.


Okay, so the past week or so has been dominated by stories about the alleged football deflation by the Patriots.  Every day the story gets more and more complicated and less and less interesting.   With the Super Bowl just days away, it seems stupid to be wasting a lot of time on something that may […]

SCANDAL: the flurry of interest in an offense caused by a fault or misdeed.


This has been a week for scandals.  In just a matter of days the media  was bombarded with stories of IRS shenanigans involving Tea Party and other conservative applications for tax-free status, new allegations regarding the Benghazi tragedy, and the report that the Federal Government has allegedly peeked into private communications involving reporters from the […]

OPPROBRIUM: disgrace, scandal

A number of articles in the media used the word opprobrium when referring to the scandal surrounding former Senator John Edwards (D-NC.)    Now let’s be honest, it’s not a word that just pops into your mind when thinking about the ways in which public figures disgrace themselves and get caught.  In fact, it really doesn’t […]

RUSH TO JUDGMENT: making a decision without taking time to check the facts properly

The scandal involving a high-level French political leader and a housekeeper in a high-end New York boutique hotel  has raised a plethora of issues over the past few weeks.   The prosecutor’s office in New York jumped on the case.  The media has been gleeful in reporting every jot and tittle of supposed information about the […]