BULLY: a word with several meanings


It seems inconceivable that anyone would not know what it means to be a bully, or to be bullied by someone.   But I overheard a conversation in Starbucks the other day in which a woman said to her friends, “I don’t really know what a bully is.”  Her incredulous friends gasped, commented with demeaning references […]

SENTIENT [SEN-shuhnt]: the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience


Sentient is a Latin word which moved over into English as a way of describing the phenomenon of experience which humans have apart from intelligence.  That is to say, we are able to identify the various stimuli, processes, and products of the mind which rely upon thinking, but sentience is a phenomenon which has to do […]

INDELIBLE: unable to be erased or forgotten


It is unimaginable that there is a generation  alive now in The United States which was not alive when  the attack on the Twin Towers took place.  That is not a unique experience.  Time moves along without hesitating at tragedies or celebrations. But it does signal that we have come to a point in history […]