CATCH-22: a situation in which doing something will conflict with desired result


In 1961 Joseph Heller published his novel, Catch-22.  It’s storyline centers on a World War II combat team  in which stress and dysfunction are rampant.   The mental health of the combatants is clearly compromised, and the question of medical care becomes paramount.  However, there is a slight problem, which becomes known as Catch-22. The problem […]

MISANTHROPE [MIS-uhn-throhp]: a hater of humankind


Given the atrocities we observe in places like Syria, is it any wonder that we have to ask the question about motivation? Specifically, what is the motivation for a national leader who seemingly willingly slaughters his people without regard for their relationships,ages, or circumstances. I can only come to the conclusion that Syrian President Bashar […]