BULLY (v.): to use an unfair advantage to pressure a person into undesired compliance


The very idea that the Senate will not allow the President of the United States to name a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court is, to me, a form of bullying. The claim is that it is inappropriate to make such an appointment in a political year.  That’s a pile of crap.  It has […]

PRESIDENTIAL: to act in a way that a President would act

A number of pundits have indicated that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “performed” in a manner that was presidential during her testimony before the Senate and the House yesterday.   I’m not sure what that means. I watched most of the hearings and I was impressed with the Secretary and the way in which she demonstrated […]

PERSONA NON GRATA [per-SOH-nah nohn GRAH-tah] : someone who is unwelcome

In a radio commentary sometime over the past couple of days President Obama’s  nominee for Secretary of Defense, former Senator Chuck Hagel (R/ Neb) was referred to as a persona non grata among his fellow Republicans in Congress.   The accusation, which others say is exaggerated, stems from his outspoken opposition to some of the issues […]

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: a decision which outlasts the President

During the elections of 2008 I wrote at least four or five letters to the editors of local and national newspapers about the issue of Supreme Court nomination.  None of them was accepted for publication.   I was making the point that the consideration of the voters needed to include the understanding that the person elected […]