EAVES: “the overhanging lower edge of a roof.” *


  We are in the fortunate place of having all the roofs of the condos in our condominium complex replaced.  Last winter’s unbelievable snow, ice and water deluge did a job on our complex, and the wisdom of our Board was to replace all the roofs, which had been installed around 1979. (Some individual ones […]

SNOWBIRD: Someone who lives in the north but regularly goes south for the winter months

We are enjoying a short stay in The Sunshine State, the guests of generous friends.  Their lovely home is on the East coast near our grandchildren and our great-grandson.  He and I share birthdays this week, so it’s a special treat. We are conscious of the trailers, RVs, and “heavily-laden” Buicks pulling off the highways […]

SNOW: like money, the more you have, the more of a problem you experience

A sign in front of the First Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode Island, reads: If you’re the person praying for snow, PLEASE STOP!” Today is the 4th Snow Monday in a row for local schools. Boston is expecting a new accumulation of around 2 feet of snow, on top of an already-record 2 […]

PRECIPITATION: that moisture that falls from the air to the ground


It’s almost a 100% chance that we will encounter some snow this week when we drive to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving.   We haven’t had any measurable snow in our part of Rhode Island yet this year, but our friends and relatives to the west of us have tasted Winter and are already sick of it.  And […]

NEW ENGLAND WINTER: part of the life cycle one expects if living in New England

snow on deck

This morning I read a comment on Facebook which responded to a posting someone created  that we were experiencing another snow storm in New England this morning.   Not a big one.  Just 4-7″ of dry snow, but enough to make a difference.   The comment was from someone in Southern California and stated that they were […]

BLIZZARD: a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold.

This morning Rhode Island and most of New England woke up to unbelievable scenes.   The snow is 28″ on our deck.   The wind is blowing.  It’s still snowing, having begun at noon yesterday.  It is cold. 187,000 people in Rhode Island alone are without power, with residents reporting inside temperatures of 40-45 degrees…that’s inside! This […]