MINDFUL: attentive, aware of


I’m reminded that there is a difference between a brain and a mind. The brain is the instrument, and the mind is the product of the brain.  As you can imagine, the brain is a tactile, physical thing which, if you are a doctor (particularly a pathologist) you can actually pick up and hold in […]

INTERDEPENDENCE: mutually reliant on each other


Sometimes we get so engaged with a concept that we allow it to become overwhelming.  That is the case in America, I believe , with a limited and dangerous understanding of the word independence.   Throughout the history of this country we have waved the banner of independence, based upon our understanding of what it meant […]

DIVERGENT THINKING: the concept that there are “lots of possible answers to a question:

divergent thinking

Sir Kenneth Robinson presented a very engaging TED presentation recently about how we can advance education by first “reimagining” society.   Click the link on his name to get there.   It is a revolutionary compilation of thinking which either grabs you and shakes you until you are silly, or it infuriates you and turns […]