SOURCE: the place from which something originates


Every now and then it gets frustrating to read or listen to people who claim the “truth” based upon their having found a story on the Internet or in some other recently-created resource.   This is true in all walks of life, from politics and economics to biblical references.   It amazes me that well-meaning people believe […]

GESTALT [guh-SHTAHLT]: a structure possessing qualities as a whole that cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts


Gestalt is a “professional word” that comes into our language through the German language.   In fact, for many, the term is always capitalized to reflect that it is still a German word.  However, over the past decades the word gestalt has become so common in English that it is now written in lower case. Gestalt […]

TRIBE: a term to describe a sociological group, usually descended from a common ancestor…but not always!

  I suspect that most people think of the word tribe as being associated with American Indian or African nations.   Maybe, if you are so inclined, you might associate the word with the teams that compete on the reality show, The Survivor.    In both cases the word is being used to define a designated group, […]