INCHOATE [ inˈKO-āt] or [inˈKO-it] : just begun or in the early stages of development


I suppose that this being the first week of the year 2014 I can be excused for focusing upon a word that means something is “just begun or in the early stages of development.”   Inchoate, a word that is easily mispronounced, comes to us from the Latin.  It is a 16th century word {inncohāre)  that […]

PRECIPITATION: that moisture that falls from the air to the ground


It’s almost a 100% chance that we will encounter some snow this week when we drive to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving.   We haven’t had any measurable snow in our part of Rhode Island yet this year, but our friends and relatives to the west of us have tasted Winter and are already sick of it.  And […]

NEW ENGLAND WINTER: part of the life cycle one expects if living in New England

snow on deck

This morning I read a comment on Facebook which responded to a posting someone created  that we were experiencing another snow storm in New England this morning.   Not a big one.  Just 4-7″ of dry snow, but enough to make a difference.   The comment was from someone in Southern California and stated that they were […]

REALITY: the realm in which actual things exist

It’s amazing to think that at 8:00 this morning we were in Tampa, Florida and at 11:00  this morning we were back in Providence, Rhode Island.   It was more than a plane ride; it was a journey from one reality to another reality. Both are equally valid, but one is just more permanent than the […]