DECAFFEINATED [dee-kaf-uh-ney-tid]: fully or partially removing caffeine from a product


A number of years ago my doctor told me that it would be a good idea to stop consuming caffeine.  It wasn’t a surprise; everything I was reading told me that caffeine was dangerous to the body in large quantities, and I was drinking a lot of coffee.  I changed from “regular” coffee to decaf: […]

NATTERING: chattering, gossiping, talking idly


Casual talk can be fun; it can be interesting.  One can learn a lot from such an experience.  I, for instance, go to Starbucks just about every day, and sit with the same people.  They are very interesting people, and in our coffee klatch we cover a myriad of topics from politics, religion, and the […]

POETRY: the joint expression of the heart and mind


I’ve mentioned before that one of the joys of having coffee every day at Starbucks is the community of writers that gather there spontaneously.  It isn’t a formal group.  Most of us didn’t even know that each other was a writer.   It just sneaks out after several conversations. One of the people with whom I […]

QUOTIDIAN: re-occuring on a regular (daily) basis


I never intended for my visit to Starbucks to become a quotidian event.  Meeting someone there was just a once-on-the-calendar thing. But for some reason, I went back the next day, and the barrista recognized me and welcomed me back.   Before I knew it, I had driven across the city four days in a row, […]

NEXUS: a place of connection


The important thing to remember about the word nexus is that it is a location.  It is not so much a “what” as it is a “where.” A nexus is a place where things connect.  If you think of wires, connections, plugs, cords, sockets, etc., you are in the right place to understand the meaning […]

BULLY: a word with several meanings


It seems inconceivable that anyone would not know what it means to be a bully, or to be bullied by someone.   But I overheard a conversation in Starbucks the other day in which a woman said to her friends, “I don’t really know what a bully is.”  Her incredulous friends gasped, commented with demeaning references […]