IATROGENIC [ahy-a-truh-JEN-ik]: a medical disorder caused by the inadvertent diagnosis, manner, or treatment of a physician

“ Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.” How many times have we heard this, or something like it?  There’s  no question that some therapies required as treatment for serious illnesses are painful, nauseating, debillitating, and just plain awful.   But the hope is that the therapy is temporary and the result is permanent. The […]

SUPREME COURT: the ultimate voice regarding federal law

National anxiety over the pending response of the Supreme Court regarding the legality of the Health Care Bill highlights the importance of the makeup of the court.   Prognostications over the split of votes and whether Justice Kennedy will swing one way or the other if the usual liberal/conservative patterns prevail serve to make the point […]

CORPORATION: persons united in a body for some purpose

The dialogue/argument about the nature of corporations has picked up steam in the last few weeks as those involved in politics articulate their affection for or displeasure with the Supreme Court’s approval of SuperPac funding.  In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a 2010 decision, the Courts indicated that non-affiliated groups could collect and dispense […]

LETHAL INJECTION: the execution of a prisoner by use of drugs

Last night there were a number of violent deaths in communities throughout the United States.  In cities it is a common thing to check the papers in the morning to see how many people were shot, stabbed, strangled, or otherwise relieved of their lives in a criminal way. One of the violent deaths that occurred […]

PERIPHERAL : Related to, located in, or constituting an outer boundary

  The word peripheral seems to be used primarily in medical circles, relating to peripheral vision or peripheral vascular  or neurological diseases.    In the military, however, the term peripheral damage is used commonly to identify injury, damage, or death to sites or individuals outiside the primary location of a missile, bomb, or artillery focus.  In […]

SOLICITOR GENERAL: “the tenth Justice”

Having never really thought about the nature of this federal position, I decided to do some research.  I’m glad I did.   In doing so, I was able to answer for myself a question being asked by some who have reacted to President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to serve as a Justice on the United […]