INTELLIGENCE: aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc., AND….


There is often a “drum roll, crash!” when someone from the government mentions that we have a very sophisticated intelligence system in this country.   Of course, the pundit is referring to the use of the word which would mean that we have a smart, clever, highly-sophisticated educational system which produces really, smart people.   ( I […]

SURVEILLED [ser-VEYLD]: to have observed under close scrutiny


Sometimes “made up words” bother me. I mean words that are finagled from other, existing words in order to make them fit into a thought or a comment.  People seem to do it all the time, and some linguists and editors have said that it’s okay.  They say that as long as people know what […]

SOUSVEILLANCE: ordinary citizens keeping recorded track of officials, instead of the other way around.

If you pay attention carefully, you’ll realize that the word sousveillance is a reversal of a more familiar word, surveillance.   Surveillance is a term originating in the French language which uses the prefix, sur, meaning above.   Veillance, the main body of the word means to watch.   Therefore, the meaning of surveillance is to “watch over.”   […]