DIPLOMACY: the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations.


At dinner last night in a wonderful restaurant in Attleboro, Massachusetts, we two couples agreed that we were as discouraged about the political climate as we have been in a long time.   We all had been paying attention to the confusion, chaos, and negativity which has surrounded the President, Congress, The United Nations, Syria, Russia […]

SISYPHEAN [sis-uh-FEE-uhn]: an endless task


The ancient Greek myth about Sisyphus, tells us about a man who was sentenced to roll a huge boulder up a mountain until it could lodge at the peak.  He spent the rest of his life pushing the heavy rock up the mountain, but whenever he tired the rock would roll back to the bottom.   […]

CIVIL WAR: military aggression within a nation by citizens of that nation

civil war

I suspect that there are many who, like me, spent years thinking that there was only one Civil War.  Maybe it’s because it was called “The Civil War.”    But as I continued in my study of  History it became evident that there have been hundreds upon hundreds of insurrections with countries in which citizens took […]

WISDOM: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action


The biblical story of King Solomon is the basis for much of our thinking when we refer to the concept of Wisdom. It is commonly believed that Solomon represents the character of wisdom more than any man or woman in history.  Putting aside any biases (good or bad) that you may have about the Bible […]

A LINE IN THE SAND: to establish a boundary that cannot be crossed without retailiation

A line in the sand

A Line in the Sand is a  phrase that is so common that it takes very little explanation.    It stems from the practice of creating a demarcation limit.   Quite simply, a line is drawn in the sand and the opposition is told that they are free to take whatever actions they require on the other […]

CHEMICAL WARFARE: using the toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons.

chemical warfare

It has been fairly well substantiated that chemical warfare was utilized in Syria over the past couple of weeks.   There had been previous reports of use of deadly chemicals to kill rebellious Syrians, but the evidence was shaky.   This time the evidence includes the deaths of several hundred people and the reported illnesses of hundreds.  […]