MISANTHROPE [MIS-uhn-throhp]: a hater of humankind


Given the atrocities we observe in places like Syria, is it any wonder that we have to ask the question about motivation? Specifically, what is the motivation for a national leader who seemingly willingly slaughters his people without regard for their relationships,ages, or circumstances. I can only come to the conclusion that Syrian President Bashar […]

HORRIFIC: terrible, dreadful

There is a whole range of words that describe a terrible event such as the one we are following in Newtown, Connecticut.  But the one which surfaces most frequently, it would seem, is that of horrific. Horrific is a word that comes to the English language from Latin, meaning to bristle with fear.  I’m afraid […]

AMELIORATE [uh-MEEL-yuh-reyt] : to improve or make better

You will have to stand in line to take advantage of the advertisement I’ve used as an illustration today.  Just think about it:  a massage that takes away all the tension, physical discomfort and bad stuff in the body and leaves you relaxed and healthier.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? The advertiser, however,  uses the word […]

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS: ordinary people reporting riot behavior when media is shut down

Diane Rehm, my favorite NPR talk show host, was interviewing reporters about the growing tension in the Syrian uprising.  One commentator said that the progress of the uprising was being hampered by the lack of media reporting, which has been shut down by the Assad government. Diane Rehm interrupted her, however, and asked, “What about […]

OPINE: to express an opinion

It sounds like an old-fashioned word to me, but I love the word opine. (/oh-PINE/)  As you would have guessed, it means to offer one’s own opinion on something.  It isn’t a negative word; neither is it a positive word.  It is neutral.  It just describes the act of expressing an opinion. So, today is […]