TAX: an amount of money required of citizens and companies for the running of a government

The hot topic in Washington these days is taxes.  It should be a surprise to no one.  President Obama made it clear in his campaigns that when he was elected to his second term it was his intention to renew the tax breaks initiated by the Bush administration for Middle Class citizens and the poor.  […]

EVEN PLAYING FIELD: equality of opportunity for all concerned

There’s a huge difference between playing soccer on the Providence College soccer field which is just a couple of blocks from our house and playing on the field in the photo to the right.  As the caption on it says, “If you can play soccer on this field, you’re really good.”  Can you imagine the […]

Profligacy: wanton extravagance

The controversy which has been raging over the past year or more about the battle between the 1% (wealthy class) and the 99% (the rest of us) is volatile at times.   Deep resentment of uber-salaries for CEOs and monstrous buy-out packages for mediocre performances leads the charge, but there is a wider realm of earning […]

FAIR: free from bias, dishonestry, injustice

I heard  a Priest say it in her homily: “Fair is not always equal.” She was, of course, referring to the parable from the Gospel of Matthew (20:1-16) in which the landowner compensates his workers.   He has contracted with them for a specific amount, and it doesn’t matter at what hour they begin.   The contracted […]

TAX: a method for a municipality to gain revenue to support the cost of services provided

I’m convinced that the writers of dictionaries are Republicans.   When I went to the dictionaries for a proper definition of the word tax I found that all the definitions were negative, indicating that taxes are burdensome nuisances imposed upon people with no recourse.  If I accepted those definitions as being universal and unable to be […]