SCANDAL: the flurry of interest in an offense caused by a fault or misdeed.


This has been a week for scandals.  In just a matter of days the media  was bombarded with stories of IRS shenanigans involving Tea Party and other conservative applications for tax-free status, new allegations regarding the Benghazi tragedy, and the report that the Federal Government has allegedly peeked into private communications involving reporters from the […]

ATROPHY [A-truh-fee]: wasting away as a result of disuse


In matters related to the human body, I am intrigued by the concept of atrophy.  It is the phenomenon which occurs when a specific part of the body is not used over a period of time.  The result is that the body part shrivels up and eventually can literally die.  It is a term which […]

JUST SAY “KNOW”: a response to anti-intellectualism

Over the past year I have made numerous references to the attempt to “dumb down” the expectations of the American people in order to assuage the desires of a group of political activists who embrace anti-intellectualism as their credo.  The most obvious example of this segment of our society is the Tea Party movement which […]

SHAMBOLIC: highly disorganized, in shambles

Talk about reacting to the moment.  Our word for today is shambolic, a word I heard for the first time an hour ago.  David Brooks, who I consider to be one of the most thoughtful, intelligent conservative commentators on television, was a member of a panel convened by David Gregory, the host of Meet the […]

SEGUE [SEG-way] : to make a smooth transition

One of the criteria which depicts the American way of governance is the smooth transition from one presidential administration to another.   It is recognized as a segue: a transition without conflict or violence. In some countries the transition of leadership is by coup or armed revolt.   Violence in the streets and loss of life is […]

TAX: an amount of money required of citizens and companies for the running of a government

The hot topic in Washington these days is taxes.  It should be a surprise to no one.  President Obama made it clear in his campaigns that when he was elected to his second term it was his intention to renew the tax breaks initiated by the Bush administration for Middle Class citizens and the poor.  […]