IMPACTFUL: having a measurable effect upon something or someone


Rich Demarest, my old friend, suggested that we look at the word impactful.  Rich is the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Boise, Idaho.    He and I have known each other for a hundred years or more (exaggeration) and I have followed his career in the Church, proud to have played a part in his […]

TARGETED DEATHS: the use of DRONES to kill identified persons


Euphemisms, you will remember, are words or phrases that are employed for the purpose of “dressing up” a word or concept that has a dark side.  For instance, those who are skittish about using the word “death” to refer to a loved one who has died will frequently say the person has “passed on.”   Somehow […]

ALGORITHM [AL-guh-rith-uhm] : a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps

It helps to boil down the meaning of a technical word by using a common experience as an illustration. This is especially true when we are dealing with a word as complex as algorithm.  In its most complex situation, an algorithm is a formula used by scientists to replicate a highly-technical procedure.   Scientists, mathematicians, research […]

HACKER: a person skilled in computer technology

Computer language changes almost as fast as computer technology.  I love my laptop, but I’m also clear that it’s about four years old, and the day is fast coming when it will be so “outdated” that I’ll have to take the plunge and seek out a faster, lighter, more technologically complicated computer.  By then the […]

ABUNDANCE: an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply*

The “Law of Abundance” expressed in today’s graphic is open to discussion, and some macro-economists would probably question the veracity of it.  But it is a philosophical (and theological) concept that has been debated and embraced by many for centuries.  Clearly, it is an idealism.  But I am inclined to come down on the side […]

Luddite: any opponent of industrial change or innovation

Hi. My name is Jed.  I’m a recovering Luddite.    For more than a decade now I have been fighting progress in the world of technology.  Not that I haven’t desired to progress along with the rest of society.  But I’m just technologically  inept.  I always have been.  In Junior High (we used to call it that […]