SUICIDE BY GUN: 87 suicide deaths a day in America by gun

gun suicide

Over the years I’ve had my share of connections with people who have committed suicide by gun.   In many of the situations it is inconceivable that the person really needed to take such a drastic measure, even though it probably seemed so at the time. But, as the experts will tell you, one of the […]

MOMENT OF SILENCE: a scheduled time of prayer or contemplation

moment of silence

For some it may be a time of prayer.  For others it is simply a respectful moment in time when all becomes quiet and the ability to remember becomes real.   It doesn’t really matter what definition you bring to it.   It is meant to be a time when individuals become a community in respecting the […]

HIJACKED: to seize a vehicle by force or threat of force


For the past three weeks the media has been focused upon the disappearance of the flight from Malaysia to China.   It has disappeared.   For some strange reason yet to be determined, the plane lost contact with the ground after leaving Malaysia en route to Bejing and just disappeared. There have been all kinds of speculations […]

MIDDLE EAST: a strange mixture of hope and fear

middle east

In my senior year of college (1963) I spent the summer on campus, during which time I took a course called “The Near East.”     It was a relatively new term at that point in history, identifying a geographical and cultural region which was just beginning to become familiar to westerners.   Although everyone knew about Egypt, […]

CRASH COURSE: an immediate access to details of how to do something


The people of the greater Boston area are getting what I would call a crash course in what it feels to be under siege.   That is to say, it has been just a few days since bombs exploded in Boston.  Yet, in those five days the presence of terrorist bombers, police and FBI activity, military […]

MARATHON : any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance

When the bombs went off in Boston on Patriots Day the Boston Marathon was well into its concluding hours.   The winners had come across the finish line a long time ago, and now the “other” winners … those who completed the 26.2 mile course … were surging across the finish line, having seen the attainment […]