SOUPCON [soop-SAWN]: a taste, a hint, a slight flavor of something


Most of the time, you will find today’s word, soupçon, written with a cedilla, that little curly-cue found at the bottom of the letter c.   That’s because it is a French word, and in French the way of indicating that the c is pronounced using the s sound is to put the cedilla there.  We don’t […]

BEMUSED DUDGEON: confused resentment

In a very well written NY Times op-ed piece on August 10, Ta-Nehisi Coates, editor of the Atlantic, uses the term bemused dudgeon. The piece is about former Governor Romney’s commentary on the role of culture in attaining success. Having never heard the term dudgeon before, it led me on an investigative journey.  I discovered […]

TOY WITH: an idiom which implies a frivolous, casual activity

In a very serious op-ed piece on Saturday in the New York Times, Joe Nocera wrote about an economic issue, derivative regulation, which is a major factor in the government’s economic future.  He celebrates the pending start of derivative regulation through the Dodd-Frank Bill which will require greater oversight in investment procedures on the part […]

LOOPHOLE: a way of getting around the rules … legally

An article in today’s New York Times by David Kocieniewski hit the nail on the head.   There have been scores of articles written about how big business makes a ton of money but fails to pay taxes.  This article is, by far, the clearest and the most damning.   It was featured on the front page, […]

ELITISM: snobbery at its best

My friend, Newport Betty, writes one of the most interesting blogs around. Nearly every day she posts about the amazing and creative things she sees and does in the tiny city of Newport, Rhode Island. There is an unending stream of artistic, musical, architectural, marine, social, and philosophical opportunity presenting itself through her eyes and […]

ENCOMIUM: the heaping on of praise

In her  June 30 New York Times column, Maureen Dowd commented on the remarks General David Petraeus made prior to his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate. In her column she described his words for his predecessor, General Stanley McChrystal as being an encomium.  I pulled out my BlackBerry, pulled up, and typed in […]