CONVOLUTED [kon-vuh-loo-tid] : twisted, difficult to understand

The word convoluted has a practical meaning, that being “to coil.”   It has to do with wires, tubes, hoses and such things. But there is another, even more common use for the word convoluted.  It is in the realm of communication.   A convoluted explanation for something is twisted, confused, and difficult to unwind.    Some people […]

DISINGENUOUS: lacking in candor, giving a false impression of integrity

To characterize someone as disingenuous is more than to call them a liar.  A disingenuous person is capable of leading you to believe that they are in synch with you, or support you.  However, the truth is that they secretly disregard you and oppose you.   The pain of discovering someone to be disingenuous is to […]

OBFUSCATION: being intentional about concealing the truth

If I wanted to intentionally confuse a situation there are lots of methods to accomplish it.  The easiest way for me is to use lots of words, including lots of difficult or obscure words, to so mask the truth of something that it was unable to be detected.   This is the act of obfuscation. The […]