NUCLEAR OPTION: legislation in the U.S. Senate to return the required number of votes to a simple majority

nuclear option

Nuclear Option is a derogatory term employed by Republicans to describe the action taken in the U.S. Senate this week to remove the 60 vote requirement for affirmation of presidential nominees to lower court (Not Supreme Court) positions and other positions in the administration.    Republicans, who have enjoyed the filibuster capability and the requirement of a […]

COWED [koud] : to be subject to fright, intimidation, threats


Yesterday was one of the most telling days in the recent history of the United States Senate.   After weeks of platitudes about children dying, parents grieving, and a nation that was prepared to respond appropriately, the Senate cowed to political pressure from the NRA,  the gun industry and right-wing members of the conservative voting community.   […]

STYMIE : to hinder, block, or thwart.

In golf, a stymie is created when one player’s ball lands on the green in such a way that the second player’s ball is directly between it and the hole. It is necessary for the first player to “mark” (his) ball and remove it so the second player (who is “away” further from the hole) […]

DEBATE: a formal setting in which opposing opinions are presented

I went to last night to see if I was missing the point.  I had just witnessed the debate between the two leading candidates for the U. S. Senate seat which is up for grabs in the State of Rhode Island.  What I saw there was unlike anything I could relate to the term debate.  […]

SOLICITOR GENERAL: “the tenth Justice”

Having never really thought about the nature of this federal position, I decided to do some research.  I’m glad I did.   In doing so, I was able to answer for myself a question being asked by some who have reacted to President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to serve as a Justice on the United […]