SIMPLISTIC: overly simple


There’s a great deal of difference between something being simple and simplistic.Both words stem from the same origin, obviously.   Simplisme is a word from the French language which means…simple, easy, not complex.    But the word simplistic is an American construction, not having appeared until the end of the 19th century.   It is a word which […]

OPINE [oh-PAHYN]: the forming of judgment or stating an opinion


The encouraging of people to express an opinion carries a risk with it.   It might just be that the opinion expressed is troublesome…and may actually be counter to the very point that you are trying to make.   But if you are truthful that you are really looking for diverse opinions, you are safe in opening […]

TENDENTIOUS: Marked by a strong implicit point of view; partisan

As many times as I have heard (and used!) the word tendentious I’ve never gotten it exactly right.  For some reason, I have thought the word was related to tentative.   Consequently, my use and understanding of it lacked the strength of meaning appropriately attributed to it. I read the word in an article in the […]