ESCALLOPED: to bake (food cut into pieces) in a sauce or other liquid, often with crumbs on top *


I’ve always been a little confused about the difference between the words scalloped and escalloped.  Growing up around the kitchen in our home, I remember distinctly reading the top of the page in the cook book from which my grandmother was taking her recipe for scalloped potatoes. It clearly said “escalloped potatoes.”   I began pronouncing […]

ETIOLATE [EE-tee-uh-leyt] : to cause to become weakened or sickly; drain of color or vigor.

Yes, those are carrots in the photo to the right.   They are white carrots, which, I discovered, is the original color of carrots.  The article I read about them indicated that the Dutch wanted to create a vegetable that carried the color orange found in their flag, so they played with the genes of the […]

ETIOLATE: to cause vegetables to whiten by restricting light

Evidently presentation is everything when it comes to gourmet meals.  I discovered this when I chased down the meaning of the word etiolate which I had come across in an article in the NY Times. The article was about a “ghost stroller” which has appeared on a street in New York, chained to a pole.  […]