TICKER SHOCK: what happens when an investor in the stock market watches the portfolio drop precipitously


(AS AN ASIDE:  THIS IS MY 1700th POSTING TO THIS BLOG!) __________________________________________ Monday, October 19, 1987.   It’s a day I’ll never forget.  I was charged with meeting with a gentleman who was a financial manager to see if I could convince him to chair our parish stewardship drive.  We met at his home mid-afternoon.   As […]



I’ve been accumulating some really, really significant thoughts over the past few days, and…rather than writing a blog about each of them (because they’re really NOT significant)…have accumulated them into this single post. I wonder why there’s such a flap  about horses being used to pull decorative wagons through Central Park.  It’s been a custom […]

SOUSVEILLANCE: ordinary citizens keeping recorded track of officials, instead of the other way around.

If you pay attention carefully, you’ll realize that the word sousveillance is a reversal of a more familiar word, surveillance.   Surveillance is a term originating in the French language which uses the prefix, sur, meaning above.   Veillance, the main body of the word means to watch.   Therefore, the meaning of surveillance is to “watch over.”   […]

OCCUPY: to dwell in a space

The Occupy Wall Street movement is several weeks old now, and it has spread from a New York City beginning to cities and communities all over the country and into foreign countries as well.   The attempt to characterize it has baffled even the most articulate reporters who seek language from past experiences such as the […]

OLIGARCHY: government ruled by a small, elite group

There’s a strong feeling “out there” that the country is in the hands of a small number of financial gurus who are manipulating the political system.  If so, it is possible that the United States is eligible for the term “oligarchy.”  It’s a word that means that we are being governed by a handful of […]

PERQUISITE: a benefit given in addition to a contracted wage

We know the word mostly by its shortened, Americanized version, perks. But its origin is the word perquisite, meaning a benefit received above and beyond one’s salary or wage.  In political slang, another word for it is lulu.  That use is based upon a bastardization of the French word lieu, which means “instead of.”  When […]