RUBBLED: Broken bits and pieces of anything, as that which is demolished


It’s interesting how words get created.   Today’s word, rubbled, for instance, doesn’t even appear in dictionaries, yet it figured prominently in an article in the international news this past week. Its root word, rubble,  is well known.  It is a word that describes the cluttered mess left when a building either falls down or is […]

WAR: my lengthy commentary on a controversial subject by Jed Waverly

It seems like a no-brainer to me today as I think about it carefully.  In fact, it makes me feel like a real idiot that I haven’t been clearer about it in the past.   But today I am taking a break from my work and just thinking.    I read both newspapers in the morning and […]

MAYHEM: random or deliberate violence or damage.


You’ve probably seen the Allstate insurance commercials which feature an excellent actor and stunt man , Dean Winters, who purports to be someone known as “Mayhem.” I cringe as he survives crashes, explosions, roofs caving in, and any number of very effectively screened disasters. His point is that mayhem happens…even to the best of us.    That […]

DIPLOMACY: the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations.


At dinner last night in a wonderful restaurant in Attleboro, Massachusetts, we two couples agreed that we were as discouraged about the political climate as we have been in a long time.   We all had been paying attention to the confusion, chaos, and negativity which has surrounded the President, Congress, The United Nations, Syria, Russia […]

FITNA: a state of trouble or chaos


I read a full-page letter/advertisement from the nation of Turkey in the New York Times the other day in which the writers were committing themselves to continuing friendship and support for the people of Syria.  In the midst of the letter the authors used the word fitna as if to say that this support would exist […]

TARGETED DEATHS: the use of DRONES to kill identified persons


Euphemisms, you will remember, are words or phrases that are employed for the purpose of “dressing up” a word or concept that has a dark side.  For instance, those who are skittish about using the word “death” to refer to a loved one who has died will frequently say the person has “passed on.”   Somehow […]