THE BUTLER: one insight into racism

the butler

We saw the movie, Lee Daniels, The Butler last night.  We had been watching the trailers for the past month or so, and had determined that this was one we didn’t want to miss.  I’m glad we didn’t miss it. From my perspective, this is not one of the best movies ever made.  There are […]

ENTITLEMENTS: the right to guaranteed government financial and health benefits

Social Security Medicare Medicaid Unemployment Benefits Pensions These are all subjects of great controversy these days as the Congress and the White House wrestle with the appropriate legislation to bring down the cost of operating our government.   Democrats want more flexibility in the taxation process, increasing the tax income from America’s most wealthy citizens.  Republicans […]

LAST NIGHT AT THE CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER: my experience in attending

I don’t get to wear my tuxedo that much these days.  But the other day I pulled it out, checked it all over to be sure it had been cleaned and pressed after the last time I wore it.  Thank God it is a good one, and has an expansion waist on it.  As long […]