SNOWBIRD: Someone who lives in the north but regularly goes south for the winter months

We are enjoying a short stay in The Sunshine State, the guests of generous friends.  Their lovely home is on the East coast near our grandchildren and our great-grandson.  He and I share birthdays this week, so it’s a special treat. We are conscious of the trailers, RVs, and “heavily-laden” Buicks pulling off the highways […]

CORDUROY [KAWR-duh-roi]: a cotton-filling pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges


It has been wonderful to pull my “cords” from the closet to wear this past couple of weeks.   They are my pants that are made of corduroy, a fabric made from cotton, but with vertical ridges.   The fabric is used for casual/dressy clothing…everything from pants to jackets, vests, coats, dresses, skirts, and even upholstery.  For […]

FLANNEL: a soft, warm, light fabric of cotton or wool or a combination of threads


Well, the temperature outside is dropping fast, and…according to the meteorologists…it’s going to be dropping even faster.  We have early reports of the possibility of cold, wet snow this coming Thursday.   I think it’s fair to say that the Winter season is upon us.   Oh, it’s not officially Winter yet, but who needs to wait […]

NEW ENGLAND WINTER: part of the life cycle one expects if living in New England

snow on deck

This morning I read a comment on Facebook which responded to a posting someone created  that we were experiencing another snow storm in New England this morning.   Not a big one.  Just 4-7″ of dry snow, but enough to make a difference.   The comment was from someone in Southern California and stated that they were […]

DOLDRUMS: to be in a state of physical and emotional inactivity

There’s always “the August Doldrums” with which to cope when the air is hot, humid, and sticky.   It’s a common phrase … and a common phenomenon in many places where summer humidity can do you in. The result is a lethargy which slows things down to a crawl, affecting one’s appetite, energy, and interest in […]

AFTERMATH: the situation remaining following a situation, particularly a disaster

It is strange what we do with words to adapt them to a new use.   I shouldn’t be shocked at that.  That’s how language develops.   But some words have taken a very circuitous route to get where they are today, and aftermath is one of them. As I sit at my desk looking out at […]