PUNDIT: a learned person, expert, or authority.


There seems to be a discernible gap between the definitions of pundit.   In the literary, scholarly sense, a pundit is a wise, learned person to whom people turn for answers for difficult questions.   Cartoonists tend to characterize pundits as  men (almost exclusively) from Asian countries who live the life of a hermit in a mountain […]

WISDOM: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action


The biblical story of King Solomon is the basis for much of our thinking when we refer to the concept of Wisdom. It is commonly believed that Solomon represents the character of wisdom more than any man or woman in history.  Putting aside any biases (good or bad) that you may have about the Bible […]

MERITOCRACY: a society which is governed by people who are selected for their intelligence, accomplishments and abilities

At first blush, the idea of a government in which leadership is given over to people who are intelligent and accomplished sounds like a great improvement over most other systems.   In countries where leadership is granted dependent upon one’s birthright or inherited status, for instance, there is absolutely no guarantee that those who ascend to […]

SOPHISTRY: reasoning that sounds good, but is actually flawed

One of the most beautiful words in existence is sophia (sophos), a Greek word meaning wisdom.  For some reason, it is a word with a sound which stimulates me and encourages me to seek out more.  It is a woman’s name, Sophia/Wisdom always being characterized as feminine, most notably in the Bible, where the book […]