PRECRASTINATOR: A person who performs tasks sooner than they need to be done


I’ll bet it infuriates most people in the class.    A paper has been assigned, and it is due to be turned in on the following Friday.    But on Monday, a good four days early, some smart ass kid in the class turns in his paper, completely finished, bound in an expensive binder, edited, proofed, and […]

PHONEUR: A person, especially a pedestrian, who interacts with or engages the world mostly through a mobile phone


It’s against the law to do it in the car.   But walking along the street with a cell phone plastered to your ear is still legal.    Now there’s a word to describe such a person.  That pedestrian is a phoneur.  It’s a word that has been around since 2001, according to Word Spy, one of […]

GHOSTING: leaving an event without saying goodbye


Some time ago I read about the word ghosting in Paul McFedrie’s entertaining blog, Word Spy. If you haven’t taken my suggestion to follow this very clever blog, you have missed something.  Every posting is an introduction to new words or phrases which pop up in the media or which are being birthed right there […]

ORGAN RECITAL: a listing of one’s ailments in response to a question of health


I’m going to break all kinds of precedence today. It is not my pattern, in writing this blog, to copy someone else’s work.  I try very hard to give proper reference to materials, but I also try to use discretion in waiting an appropriate amount of time before employing a post idea. Today, however, I […]

WORDROBE: The words and phrases that comprise a person’s vocabulary.*

One of the purposes of this blog is to introduce new or refreshed words into your vocabulary, as well as to put them in context through some dialogue.  Frequently I make mention of “adding this word to your lexicon” and assume that you understand the word lexicon to mean the list of words that comprise […]

WRITEPRINT: a unique style of writing that identifies the author

Quite a while ago I read one of the blog postings on Word Spy, written by my colleague, Paul McFedries.  I actually read his blog every day, but this day, in particular, caught my attention.  The word for the day was writeprint.   He went on to explain that every writer has a writeprint, just like […]