VERISIMILITUDE [ver-uh-si-MIL-i-tood]: having the appearance of truth or reality


It is amazing to look at pieces of art which are painted in the realistic mode.   It is almost impossible to distinguish them from photography at times.   The goose painting I have used as today’s illustration is a perfect example.  When I first saw it I assumed it was a photo.  But Guido Daniele, the […]

PALINDROME: a word, phrase, or mathematical product which reads the same forward and backward


Today is March 10, 2013.   To put it another way, today is 3-10-2013    /or/  3102013. So?   If you read it forward or backward, the date reads the same. That is what is known as a palindrome.   The origin of this word is the Greek language, in which the word palindromos means “running back again.” […]

LACONIC: brief, terse comments

The ability to make a cogent point in a few words is a gift.   Most of us feel the need to carry on forever with words, illustrations, supporting data, and commentary in order to convince the audience that we know what we are talking about. But one who is laconic is gifted with that enviable […]

DIPHTHONG [DIF-thawng]: two adjacent vowel sounds in the same syllable

You’ll have to forgive me.  I just love the word diphthong and couldn’t resist writing a post about it.   The illustration to the right, from a very creative website, McCargobe’s Blog Room ,  gives you a chance to actually hear what I am about to describe. For those of you who are more aurally-alert than […]

AUGUST: hot or hallowed

Isn’t it strange … and fun … how the placement of the accent  can change the meaning of the word totally?   Sometimes it’s a problem when a news commentator gets it wrong, but I just find it amusing. Here we are in the midst of the penultimate moment of the summer, the month of August.  […]

NOTA BENE: note well

My friend and mentor, Julie Roads, sent me the term nota bene a couple of weeks ago. It is Latin, and means “note well.” She suggested that it was a term worth noting (pun intended.) I’ve always thought of it as one of those foreign language terms that one might drop in an article to […]