LIAISON [lee-ey-ZAWN]: to make a connection through technology to bring needed forces together for a purpose


If you have served in the military or just watched war movies, you are familiar with the scene depicted in the illustration.  A squadron has landed on the beach and is under fire from the enemy.  The communication tech pulls out his walkie-talkie and calls in air support or missiles from the ship to cover […]

CHEMICAL WARFARE: using the toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons.

chemical warfare

It has been fairly well substantiated that chemical warfare was utilized in Syria over the past couple of weeks.   There had been previous reports of use of deadly chemicals to kill rebellious Syrians, but the evidence was shaky.   This time the evidence includes the deaths of several hundred people and the reported illnesses of hundreds.  […]

CATALYST: something that inspires a change in direction

It only takes a word, a speech, a performance,  a brave action, or a stupid action to trip the wire and get something started.  The shooting death of an Austrian leader started a war.  The arrival of the Beatles on the scene started a paradigm change in popular music.  A key hanging on a kite’s […]