SCRUPULOUS [SKROO-pyuh-luh s]: careful, precise, exact to a fault


There’s something commendable about a person who is neat and orderly.  But when that characteristic is carried to an extreme, it becomes something similar to an obsession. It is the difference between being thorough and being scrupulous. Scrupulous is a word that comes from Latin and is first found in Middle English in the 15th […]

PLEONASM [PLEE-uh-naz-uh m]: use of too many words to make a point


I’m the worst!    I am forever being told to simplify my language.  It seems I use too many words to make a point.  I’m guilty of chronic pleonasm.  Somebody reading something I wrote recently said to me, “Eliminate 90% of your adjectives.  You will still make your point, and the reader won’t get bored before […]

EDIT: To prepare (written material) for publication or presentation, as by correcting, revising, or adapting


When a writer gets to the point of having finished the basic text of a book or other material, the most important step presents itself:   the editing.   This doesn’t come early in the process.  To the contrary, it comes after the writing, re-writing, personal revision, and commentary from several selected voices, like friends and family.    […]

PUBLISH: to issue for sale or distribution to the public.


It’s just a matter of timing, I suppose, but several of us in our writing group are ready to publish.  We have gone through the lengthy process of writing several drafts of our work,  editing it several times by several people, and workshopping it in the group.  Some of us have passed it by professional […]

COUNTER-INTUITIVE: not agreeing with what seems right or natural


Our minds are programmed in such a way that when we click on a topic or subject we expect a specific response to appear. For instance, if we think “grandmother” we expect an image of our grandmother to appear in our mind.  If, however, an image of our first dog appears, it is counter-intuitive.   That’s […]

ENGENDER: bring or come into being


The act of creating is a sensation which is incomparable.   Whether it be parents who celebrate the birth of a child, an author who publishes a new novel, a stage company who open a new show, a carpenter who finishes a deck, or a child who brings a school-made valentine home to Mom, creation is […]