What Pressure For Pressure Washing Terra Cotta Tiles?

By | May 27, 2022
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The problem with living in a specific country for an extended number of years is that this can sometimes fail to tell you about how other countries tend to do things for the most part. Venturing outside of your comfort zone can be great in all kinds of ways, not the least of which is that it lets you build more attractive and unique homes at the end of the day. A great option that you can check out which is not all that commonplace in homes around your neighborhood but is nonetheless a very appealing addition to a housing structure is the terra cotta tile.

This is an ancient material that was first used hundreds of years ago in erstwhile China. Suffice it to say that its longevity is the biggest testament that we can think of to its inherent value and quality. Terra cotta looks absolutely gorgeous, but one issue that you might face with it is that it is a bit more fragile than other forms of shingles and siding. You need to be really cautious if you want to use power washing near me to clean your terra cotta tiles, because the higher pressure settings will blast these tiles into bits.

The ideal PSI for terra cotta is around 1,200 PSI, although we would recommend that you start with a thousand PSI just to be safe. A PSI of 2,000 is enough to disintegrate terra cotta, so you might want to avoid taking it beyond the upper limit of 1,500. Even that might be a bit too much for your terra cotta to handle, so you should consider dialing the pressure further back.

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