Why Do Metal Business Cards Cost More Than Paper Cards?

By | January 3, 2022
printed metal business cards

If you are looking to properly market your business, you might already have considered lots of different types of marketing. That is because it is very important to make your business stand out if you want to make it into a brand, and keep getting new customers in the long run.

While many gimmicks have come and gone in the business industry, metal business cards continue to be one of the most effective ways to market your business. However, when ordering metal business cards, you will notice a considerable price difference between metal and paper cards. You might say that metal business cards are more expensive as compared to paper cards because of the materials used in their making. However, this is not the complete truth. So, let’s explore why Metal Business Kards are more expensive.

Complicated Manufacturing Procedure

As you might already know, metal business cards are competitively more difficult to manufacture as the manufacturing process consists of different steps. The machines used in metal business card production processes are generally more expensive, consume more power, and require more skilled labor to work.

This is the first reason why metal business cards tend to be more expensive as compared to their paper alternatives.

So, we can safely say that the cost of metal is not the main factor in increasing the overall price of metal business cards. It is actually the cost of labor which causes the price to jump.

The process of creating a metal business card usually includes cutting a sheet of metal, carving metal business cards out of that sheet, making carvings on the sheet, properly cleaning the metal, and many others.

These were some of the reasons why business metal cards are more expensive as compared to their paper counterparts.

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