Why You Should Maintain a Personal Practice as a Yoga Teacher

By | December 12, 2021
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If you want to become a better yoga teacher, you will have to become a better student first. Getting in touch with your personal practice allows you to stay disciplined throughout your life, and deepen your personal yoga skills. Deeper understanding of yoga allows you to offer more to your students in your yoga classes.

However, dedicating enough time to your personal yoga practice can become a real challenge especially if you are a full-time yoga teacher. Here are some points on why you should maintain a personal practice as a yoga teacher.

Practice And Teaching Are Connected

When you spend more time in personal yoga practice, you will feel way better and more confident as a yoga instructor in the classroom. As a teacher, every yoga experience you go through will teach you something new, and you will be able to apply that knowledge to your classes.

While you can learn new things about yoga from books and seminars, nothing serves you better than personal practice. So, dedicate some time from your busy life to personal yoga practice if you want to become a better teacher.

You’ll Get to Know More About Your Students

When you do regular yoga practice, you will be able to relate with your students. This will allow you to experience what your children’s feel on the met, and you will be in a better position to help them. This also depends your connection with yourself and your students.

You Get to Know Yourself Better

When you learn from programs like Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training, you will be able to become a great yoga teacher in the long run. By maintaining a personal practice, you will be able to know yourself better than ever before.

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